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Preliminary program

9th edition of Breaking the Surface is approaching but there is still time for an early bird registration, which ends in less than a month, on 2nd July. So hurry up and get yourself a spot at BtS 2017 because in 7 days you will get a chance to meet up with more than 200 people, attend more than 30 lecture and see more than 10 different vehicles. Our program is almost full, names of our attendees are nearly all announced and besides our regular (MAROB, MARBIO, MARCH, MARSEC) we’re also having for the second time Innovation day where innovation management trainings¬†will be held by experts from the field!

If you want to know which lecturers, demonstrations and tutorials will be on this years edition of BtS you can find it out by checking our preliminary program. Soon, we will announce the full program and schedule, so keep on following us.

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